Name: Darlene Jackson                                                                                    Birth Date: November 21, 1962 Title: Black Pearl                                                                                                                     HIV Diagnosis: 2003 First came shame, then abuse and rejection, then hopelessness, but after wanting and willing to live I sought out for awareness on how to live a long and happy healthier life with HIV. African American - Ft Lauderdale, FL          ID: ST-FLZ-DA-0042
Name: Tina Case                                                                                                    Birth Date: September 18, 1970 Title: Me                                                                                                                                     HIV Diagnosis: 1994 I heard someone say something and I knew it wasn't right because it was very ungodly. Full of anger and dislike, but it was really shocking to look in the mirror and see that the foul mouth person was staring at me. I saw a man today whose walk was way off track because he choose the darkness instead of following the light, but when I turned around I found there was no one else. So it made me realize I was looking at myself. While standing on the riverbank my mind was in a daze. So I threw a rock in the water because I wanted to see some waves. I glanced at my reflection as the waves rolled by and it was there, that I noticed my problems started, with me, myself, and I. Ft Lauderdale, FL                                         ID: ST-FLZ-TI-0043
Name: Phyllis McGriff                                                                                                  Birth Date: April 27, 1960 Title: Diamond                                                                                                                          HIV Diagnosis: 1999 Be strong, keep going, do the right thing to help you live a healthy life. Use condoms. Get a HIV test.  There is life after HIV. Keep taking medications. Ft Lauderdale, FL         ID: ST-FLZ-PH-0043
Name: Christine Williams                                                                                     Birth Date: September 21, 1962 Title: Miracle                                                                                                                            HIV Diagnosis: 1986 ALWAYS. It's good to always do the very best we can. Since we all know someday life as we know it will end. It's good to always say words which we know are true because that's what others will use when judging me and you. It's good to go through life with an open mind. Ft Lauderdale, FL                     ID: ST-FLZ-CH-0044
Name: Angelia Tina Price                                                                                     Birth Date: December 7, 1975 Title: Phenomenal "Kimani"                                                                                                    HIV Diagnosis: 2003 Doll would say, “At first when I was diagnosed I was very devastated. Didn't want to live at that moment.” But I got educated on my illness and now realize that I am a woman that is God inspired, respected, and like the great Maya Angelou, I am truly a phenomenal woman. Empowered! So now I do my best to empower other women as myself. African American -Ft Lauderdale, FL ID: ST-FLZ-AN-0045
Name: Shirley Williams                                                                                              Birth Date: January 19, 1958 Title: Untitled-Orange Dress                                                                                                   HIV Diagnosis: 1999 This Doll doesn’t want to say anything. African American -Ft Lauderdale, FL                      ID: ST-FLZ-SH-0046  
Name: Kimberly Meehan                                                                                               Birth Date: April 1, 1970 Title: Chelsie, Lynn                                                                                                                  HIV Diagnosis: 2004 My name is Chelsie and I'm here to tell you HIV is a disease that anybody can get. It does not discriminate. Little or big or good or bad. Please be safe than sorry. Caucasian -Ft Lauderdale, FL                            ID: ST-FLZ-KI-0047 
Name: Marlena McLendon                                                                                           Birth Date: January 3, 1965 Title: Mother                                                                                                                             HIV Diagnosis: 1989 When asked what her doll would say, she said, "Protect." African American - Ft Lauderdale, FL          ID: ST-FLZ-MA-0048
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