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Name: Loni  M. Birth Date: Unknown Title: Madam Butterfly    HIV Diagnosis: April 1993 Although initially devastated, I became transformed with love and support, hence the butterfly which represents transformation. African American - Belleville, Michigan           ID: ST-MIZ-DM-0105
Name: Shirley (CML)              Birth Date: March 7, 1979 Title: Lady Shirley                  HIV Diagnosis: 2006 Living with HIV isn't always bad.  If I listen to my doctor and take my treatments faithfully I can recover. Italian  Woman -Ypsilanti, Michigan.            ID: ST-MIZ-SH-0106  
Name: DMB                   Birth Date: February 21, 1952 Title: Every Woman                  HIV Diagnosis: (sister of HIV patient) As you can see, I am made of different shapes,  colors and things.  That means, I am a representative of all women.  Right now, I'm representing my sister who is HIV positive. African American, Michigan           ID: ST-MIZ-DM-0102
Name: S.A.C.H.                Birth Date: July 31, 1949 Title: “My Sister’s Heart”               HIV Diagnosis: April 2008 A tribute to my sister. African American, Inkster, MI           ID: ST-MIZ-SA-0103
Name: M & M                  Birth Date: July 2, 1969 Title: Untitled              HIV Diagnosis: January 16, 2004 HIV changed my life it was very bad the first 3 1/2 years,but I went to God and he takes care of me, he never lets me down. My children and grandchildren play a big part too.  I am a 42 year old Native American happy and living life to the fullest.  Keep a rap on it, always protect yourself others may not always look out for your health.  Ann Arbor, Michigan           ID: ST-MIZ-M&-0104  
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