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Name: T.C.     Birth Date: 21-Jun-56 Title: Beauty     HIV Diagnosis:1986 No matter what is going on or your medical condition, you should still feel beautiful!           ID: ST-MIZ-
Name: C.M.B.    Birth Date: 19-May-81 Title: Free     HIV Diagnosis:2005 I look fine on the outside but on the inside I'm broke, people judge me before they get to know me.  I am sadbecause I don't have many friends but love to have fun, full of love, and love to be free!               ID: ST-MIZ-
Name: L.L.M.    Birth Date: 26-Aug-69 Title: Strength has a Million Faces         HIV Diagnosis: 1-Sep-96 "Women with HIV are burdened vessels who are courageous, powerful, strong, empathetic, and protectors of our families, but most importantly, women with HIV are worthy.  I often think back to a day in the summer of 2001, 5 years after my diagnosis, when I watched the tall ships pass down the Detroit River.  I think about what I have lost since and also what I have gained from my journey. I ponder the skills, craftsmanship, teamwork, endurance and courage required to build and sail those vessels in sometimes perilous seas.  I am one of those tall ships; tenderly refit by the 'conquering heroes, the leaders and the best' at the University of Michigan who helped  me to understand and appreciate that strength has a million faces, and one of them just might be mine."            ID: ST-MIZ-M&-0104  
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