Stitches is uniquely aware of how difficult understanding “Trans” is for many people and how difficult it is to find resources and reliable reference materials.  We are please to provide you with the following articles that you may find useful.
STITCHES Transitions Project
Stitches Women’s Initiatives has embarked on a new project that explorers the challenges  of the transgender community. Individuals may have characteristics that are normally associated with a particular gender, but self-identify elsewhere on the traditional gender continuum, or exist outside of  it. We are gathering information from those of you who may be in Transition yourself If you would like to fill out our survey it is available for you by clicking  the Trans Logo to the right. You can mail it  to the information shown on the bottom of the page.
Female to Male Show/Drag Queens
You may have experienced one or more of the following  examples.
Stitches is actively seeking funds in order to create a program specifically for this often under-served demographic. The dolls created in this collection will represent the struggles and successes of the artists as they bend and often break the societal rules of gender identification as we know it.
Male to Female
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