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STITCHES Womens Iniaitives 28056 Palomino Drive Warren, MI 48093  Phone: 586-873-8034
previous  previous  (866) 554-2368  ClotNot Club Victory Dolls Orphan Project T housands  of  girls  and  women  in  the  U.S.  who  suf fer  from  bleeding  disorders  go  undiagnosed  due  to  the  lack  of  accurate  information.  The  ClotNot  Club  helps  women  to  identify  what  a  bleeding  disorder  is  and  how  to  seek  proper  medical  treatment.  Through  the  creation  of  a  doll  these  women  are  able  to  share  their  life  experiences  with  others.  This  collection  helps  to  shed  light  on  the  mis-information  regarding  bleeding disorders  in  women. O ur  newest  endeavor  is  which  stands  for  “LOVE-  Orphan  Outreach  for  Kids.”  W e  work  in  c o n j u n c t i o n w i t h s e v e r a l international  agencies  on  this  project.  For  m o r e d e t a i l e d i n f o r m a t i o n p e r t a i n i n g t o L.O.O.K.  please  visit  our  website.  L.O.O.K.  A nother  evolution  of  Stitches  W omen's Initiatives are the  V i c t o r y A g a i n s t V i o l e n c e Dolls.  These  dolls  speak  for  the  women  who  encounter  and  endure  domestic  violence  and  sexual  assault.  The  doll’ s  stories  give  insight  to  the  issues  that  cause  violence  against  w o m e n . T h e y a r e b r a v e l y b o u n d together  to  show  that  these  senseless  acts  of  violence  must  stop.  The  goal  is  to  give  other  women  the  strength to  not only stand up  for  themselves,  but  to  help  make  a  dif ference  in  other  women's  lives.  W e also need donations of: Y arn- Sewing  Thread- Embroidery  Thread Felt- Buttons                     Beads of all sizes- Old Jewelry Pieces that can be Recycled              Doll Hair , Eyes,  Mouths & Markers- Fabric Paints S TIT CHES W Omen' s Initiatives , Inc . 18012 ROse C Our t Mac OmB , MI 48044 (586) 226-8603  H elp  our  program  raise  f u n d s b y v i s i t i n g o u r STITCHES  Store  on  the  web  where  100%  of  the  proceeds  go  directly  to  fund  our  project. Tr acer s Design Gr oup , Inc . -NY C- B r o c h u r e    D e s i g n e d   b y: 917-513-7333 W e  are  always  grateful  and can accept your tax  deductible donation made  payable to: