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Name: Brittany Ryan Birth date: 6/4/1987 Residence: Syracuse, NY Bleeding Disorder: No Date of Diagnosis: None Other Family Member: Significant Other Title: Hola Bonita Live life to the fullest!  ID: CL-NYZ-BR-0095
Name: Rose Bender Birth date: 5/15/1997 Residence: Dix Hills, NY Bleeding Disorder: Hemophilia A Date of Diagnosis: 9 months Other Family Members: No Title: Hope Even if you have a bleeding disorder, that shouldn't stop you from doing what you want to and following your dreams.  ID: CL-NYZ-RO-0096
Name: Isra Mohammed Birth date: 3/11/1978 Residence: Syracuse, NY Bleeding Disorder: None Date of Diagnosis: Unknown Other Family Members: No Title: Izzie It is a privilege and a blessing to be allowed to be part of the lives of others no matter who they are, where they come from, or what they consider. I am better to be here in this time because this day is exactly how it is supposed to be and will never come again. I wish for more opportunities like these where I am able to share in the lives of others.  ID: CL-NYZ-IS-0097
  Name: Sophia Birth date: 10/28/1998 Residence: Brooklyn, NY Bleeding Disorder: carrier Date of Diagnosis: 2001 Other Family Members: my sister and brother Title: Mila My sister is full of awesomeness! She gets needles in her arm once a week!  ID: CL-NYZ-SO-0098
Name: Maria Birth date: 5/9/1995 Residence: Syracuse, NY Bleeding Disorder: unknown Date of Diagnosis: unknown Other Family Member: father and uncle Title: Marylou My doll would say more people around the world should be informed about this bleeding disorder. Not many people know what it is and some people think just because you have a bleeding disorder that your going to die and that's not true.  ID: CL-NYZ-MA-0099
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Name: Rebecca Alison Martin Birth date: 9/19/1996 Residence: Farmington, NY Bleeding Disorder: VWD Date of Diagnosis: 1999 Other Family Members: no Title: Alison Hi, I'm Alison. My creator, Rebecca made me to represent the average girl. But although the outside looks the same, the inside of me isn't the same. Like Rebecca, I have Von Willebrands Disease too. This means there is something in my blood that's missing. I don't clot easily. If I get a bad cut, I have to take a certain medicine to make me clot, otherwise I'm just like any other normal person.         ID: CL-NYZ-RE-0090
  Name: Rebecca Birth date: 10/12/1993 Residence: Oswego, NY Bleeding Disorder: Carrier of VWD Date of Diagnosis: after birth Other Family Members: yes Title: Amelia Marie People with VWD's and hemophilia are all affected in the same way. We go through the same kind of things and are proud to have these disorders.  ID: CL-NYZ-RE-0091  
Name: Martha Birth date: 3/11/1975 Residence: Staten Island, NY Bleeding Disorder: none Date of Diagnosis: none Other Family Members: no Title: Charo Live your life without any limitations and to the fullest!  ID: CL-NYZ-MA-0092
Name: Kristin Schnider Birth date: 8/13/1996 Residence: Harpersville, NY Bleeding Disorder: none Date of Diagnosis: none Other Family Members: brother Title: Christill Hi! I like whip cream.  ID: CL-NYZ-KR-0093
Name: Danielle Sharmutt Birth date: 7/31/1995 Residence: Southington, CT Bleeding Disorder: Unknown Date of Diagnosis: Unknown Other Family Members: Brother, Mother, Sister Title: Goldilocks I think that people with bleeding disorders do not have to limit their lives and can do activities that they want. I also think that more people should learn about this bleeding disorder so they do not discriminate or treat people differently who have Hemophilia.  ID: CL-CTZ-DA-0094
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