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Name: Emilee Perkins Birth Date: 4/7/2001 Title: Sally   Bleeding Disorder: symptomatic carrier Date of Diagnosis: Birth Hi my name is Sally and I wish I didn't have so many bloody noses.            ID: CL-UNZ-EM-0021
Title: Jeanie Caril
Title: Jeanie Caril
Name: Mckenzie Maxwell         Birth Date:  9/26/2003 Title: McKenzie      Bleeding Disorder: Factor XI/Hemo C. Date of Diagnosis: Birth Please know that having a bleeding disorder is not as bad as you would think with todays medicine it is all very manageable. Learn all you can about your bleeding disorder and don't be afraid to ask questions.             ID: CL-UNZ-MC-0019
Name: Nettie Birth Date: 3/1/2000 Title: Sidney                Bleeding Disorder: VWD Date of Diagnosis: 2008 "I wish they found a cure for Von Willebrands."            ID: CL-UNZ-NE-0020
Name: Caril Lattas            Birth Date: 1/4/1959 Title: Jeanie Caril      Bleeding Disorder: VWD Date of Diagnosis: 1980 Don't always think things are right--ask questions. Do what is right for a person who has a bleeding disorder, which is anything you feel you could do.          ID: CL-UNZ-CA-0018
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