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Name: T. M.                                                                                                                       Birth Date: April 26, 1971 Title: Ms Chocolate Chip The Survivor                                                                                 HIV Diagnosis: 1974 "Never Give Up"  African American -Ft. Lauderdale, FL           ID: ST-FLZ-TM-0049
Name: Mrs. Molly                                                                                                          Birth Date: August 26, 1962 Title: Mrs. Molly                                                                                                                        HIV Diagnosis: 1996 I am full of love and patience. Love to help you solve your problems. African American -Ft. Lauderdale, FL           ID: ST-FLZ-MR-0050 
Name: R.P.           Birth Date: December 14, 1965 Title: Princess                                                                                                                    HIV Diagnosis: 1997 Behave yourself. Haitian -Ft. Lauderdale, FL                          ID: ST-FLZ-RP-0051
Name: Latesia Green               Birth Date: March 30, 1977 Title: Happy                       HIV Diagnosis: 1996 I am happy that I am strong and healthy. African American -Ft. Lauderdale, FL ID: ST-FLZ-LA-0052
Name: Peaches                                                 Birth Date: July 8, 1965 Title: Miss Peaches                      HIV Diagnosis: 1990 Keep living and keep the faith. African American -Ft. Lauderdale, FL         ID: ST-FLZ-PE-0053
Name: Blondie                 Birth Date: June 4, 1962 Title: Blondie            HIV Diagnosis: 1992 Blinging on the outside but suffering in silence. Please love me for me and love me unconditionally. African American -Ft. Lauderdale, FL ID: ST-FLZ-BL-0054
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