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Name: Cherelynne          Birth Date: October 27, 1954 Title: Cherish             HIV Diagnosis: 2003 Cherish is my promise for life. I have full blown AIDS now for 6 years and every day I wake up is cherished. Every day I'm healthy and full of energy and even the bad days when I don't feel so well, "I'm alive". I have six living children and six grandchildren. I want to live to be their mommy and grandma! To live laeheim as we say in yiddish. Thank you God! Caucasian -Ft Lauderdale, FL           ID: ST-FLZ-CH-0068
Name: Linda        Birth Date: December 2, 1961 Title: Imani            HIV Diagnosis: 1991 Hello my name is Imani, born in Florida. I found out that I had the virus in 1991. Imani means Faith. I always carry Faith with me, living with the virus I got Faith there will be a cure today this disease is not a death sentence. Because of new medication to hold to your Faith. God bless us all. Love Imani African American -Ft Lauderdale, FL ID: ST-FLZ-LI-0069
Name: Baby Jack                Birth Date: January 1962 Title: Baby Jack                HIV Diagnosis: Unknown Hello my name is Baby Jack, I'm from Hallandale, FL. I left Florida at the age of 10 to live with my father's mother. I went to school in Georgia. I have three kids all are over 18 years old. Well here's my story, I came back to Florida and started using crack cocaine. I got into a relationship and my man friend use to beat me all the time. I started going out making to buy my drugs, but I will never forget that night. I went out with this man, and we were drinking and after the drink I don't remember anything else. I woke up and found myself with nothing on. African American -Ft. Lauderdale, FL            ID: ST-FLZ-BA-0070
Name: Lisa                  Birth Date: November 26, 1960 Title: Hide Away HIV Diagnosis: 2004 Hi My name is Hideaway and I've hidden from me for too long. I have a beauty inside, don't believe what I have pretended to be on the outside. I am hope and love and challenge and kind. I am here for me so I am able to be here for you. I love you. Caucasian -Ft. Lauderdale, FL ID: ST-FLZ-LI-0071
Name: Lakytia  Birth Date: March 12, 1972 Title: Faith Hope                        HIV Diagnosis: 1996 Hi my name is Faith Hope. I'm here to give you strength. Looking at me will put a smile upon your face because I am you and you are me. We give each other not only strength but hope and faith. African American - Ft. Lauderdale, FL            ID: ST-FLZ-LA-0072
Name: Deborah            Birth Date: October 2, 1956 Title: Leotie            HIV Diagnosis: 2005 I am Leotie, I am the woman that has been born through all of Deborah's past and present experiences. The changes that we have made has become a strong positive force with the universe. My HIV will not end my existance, it will only help me live a better life. Caucasian -Ft Lauderdale, FL ID: ST-FLZ-DE-0073
Name: Jacqueline             Birth Date: March 24, 1964 Title: Jacqueline            HIV Diagnosis: 1995 My name is Jacqueline Bass. I found out that I had HIV in 1995. It was hard for me, but with God's help I over came it and learned to accept that I have HIV. I can still live a healthy normal life. African American -Pompano, FL ID: ST-FLZ-JA-0074
Name: Sexy Black             Birth Date: January 26, 1969 Title: Sexy Black            HIV Diagnosis: 1993 Please don't judge me, by the way I dress. I need love understanding and friendship. Some may think I had HIV coming--I deserve it. Some may think that because of the way I dress, I'm not deserving--that I'm worthless. I'm a nothing. That's not true, I'm something and someone. African American Ft. Lauderdale, FL ID: ST-FLZ-SE-0075
Name: Christina                 Birth Date: March 16, 1976 Title: Monica            HIV Diagnosis: 2004 Hi my name is Christina. I am done running. I have no reason for guilt and shame. I am proud of myself. Now I am living and a survivor of HIV-AIDS. I can say now that I love life and I'm living life to the fullest. I have no more time to waste running away because life is always there. I'm done and staying strong celebrating new life as free as a bird. Lasting and staying strong. That's me Monica I'm proud to be ME. Hispanic -Ft. Lauderdale, FL ID: ST-FLZ-CH-0076
Name: Larrell                Birth Date: April 12, 1973 Title: GIA            HIV Diagnosis: 1998 Hi my name is GIA. I am a warrior against HIV and AIDS. This is a battle that I've been fighting since 1998, and the battle continues. I have a message for all who suffer this disease, "I don't have an expiration date on me and neither do you. So as I go out into the world I want every one of you to follow me. I'll lead you to a happy, healthy, victory. I love you all....Forever GIA" Ft. Lauderdale, FL ID: ST-FLZ-LA-0077
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