Name: A.M. D.O.B. 25-Apr-98 Title: Tiffany I hope you will be o.k.!           ID: ST-MIZ-
Name: Brittany D.O.B. 26-Dec-88 Title: Roxanne Stay positive no matter the situation.   ID: ST-MIZ-
Name: S.C. D.O.B. 14-Dec-97 Title: Samantha Williams Help me defeat HIV!                            ID: ST-MIZ-
Name: P.M. D.O.B. 14-Feb-98 Title: Shanaenae HIV Diagnosis: Never have unprotected sex!           ID: ST-MIZ-
Name: T.D.N. Title: Te-Oudiere To be careful of what you do and protect yourself  fully by not having sex at all because we need to stop all the STD's. Mostly black people end up getting HIV from stupidity and not knowing to ask questions, don't have sex, or get help.                                                    ID: ST-MIZ-
Name: M.O. Title: Unknown Don't have unprotected sex!           ID: ST-MIZ-
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Name: C.L.W. D.O.B. 22-Jul-98 Title: Vannesa Deloof If my doll can talk I will love for it to say the exact words that I will say. The first thing that my doll Vannesa will like to talk to you about is, The gift from God and Jesus Our Savior and only Savior! This is my response. Jesus will protect you as his shield as you serve him, therefore, you shall not stress yourself nor let it get to you. You shall always be thankful for everything that you were blessed with in your life. Hope you enjoyed the very first part of my response, but don't stop reading there is more things that will get you "excited". Here is my second response. I really know how you feel if you're going through stressful things, but trust me life gets harder than this is just be happy with your family and friends that love you for who you are. Also God will always be there for you and others that are in the same needs that your are in. Can you guess what this response falls into? Yes, your're right, it falls into patience and the cure that you will need to heal the pain. So keep it up you're doing awesome!           ID: ST-MIZ-
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