Name: Tiny  Birth Date: March 12, 1995 Title: Lonelyness I feel lonely all the time. It feels like no one cares. When I'm in a place with friends I'm their but I feel invisible. It feels like people can see right through me. The D represents the depression I feel. The broken Heart is how much love and hate is in my body. The flowers represent how many people have broken my heart and have tried to repair it. ID: ST-MIZ-TI-0168
Name: D.      Birth Date: July 22, 1986 Title: Super H No Real story No Face No Style Only Hope!! I Save people, but there's No Saving Me!  ID: ST-MIZ-D/-0162
Name: L.R.P.           Birth Date: Unknown Title: No Name Doll is speechless!  ID: ST-MIZ-LR-0163
Name: S.C.       Birth Date: December 14, 1997 Title: Molly I believe in myself to fight the battle of cancer. ID: ST-MIZ-SC-0164
Name: Lan                    Birth Date: April 12, 1992 Title: The Misconceived Fashion Doll Even though I'm 18 years old, people look at me and just see someone that dresses nice. I see them talking but I say nothing. It's turning my hair grey. Never judge a book by its cover!! ID: ST-MIZ-LA-0165
Name: Little T.      Birth Date: November 24, 1957 Title: Tamala The things a woman have to go through in order to look nice for her date.  ID: ST-MIZ-LI-0166
Name: R. Denise           Birth Date: May 1956 Title: ICNECEE So what if my dress is long or my eyes green, respect me for who I am. So what if my hair is gray and I don't agree with you, this is who I am, he made me this way, and I'm sure that I am a work in progress every day. PEACE!! ID: ST-MIZ-RD-0167
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