Name: Dawn      Birth Date: June 6, 1967 Title: Diamond HIV Diagnosis: 1990 Hi my name is Diamond and I am here to support all of you with laughter and support. I love to make you smile. African American - Bronx          ID: ST-NYZ-DA-0245
Name: Belinda C.        Birth Date. February 23, 1959 Title: Alemitu (All of the World)                      HIV Diagnosis: 2002 In defense of my sisters that have no voice, I bring to the world the wealth of the future.  In doing so I know that today’s leaders have no choice except to follow. Bronx                    ID: ST-NYZ-BE-0241  
Name: Sarah       Birth Date: November 12, 1958 Title: Blue            HIV Diagnosis: 2004 Always protect yourself you can't look at people and know they have HIV. African American - Queens           ID: ST-NYZ-SA-0242  
Name: Grace P.     Birth Date: September 29, 1958 Title: Creation            HIV Diagnosis: 1989 My name is Creation, I may create life too many, I create love amongst the world.  I want people to love one another as we were created to do.  Let my creation give the sun light.  Let my creation help the moon to set.  To create you must protect yourself and others.  Let the love of creation shine bright. Brooklyn, NY                    ID: ST-NYZ-GA-0243
Name: Sandra G.        Birth Date: July 4, 1956 Title: Destiny HIV Diagnosis: 1999 Hi my name is Destiny.  Remember that to have love and be in love is a beautiful thing. But also remember this my name is Destiny. Do you know the meaning of Destiny.  If you do, remember this, having unprotected sex is playing with your life's Destiny.  Always remember his.  Don't play with yours or anyone else’s Destiny. African American - New York City           ID: ST-NYZ-SA-0244
Name: Denise  Birth Date: Unknown Title: Genesis             HIV Diagnosis: 1985 Genesis finding out I'm HIV+ is a new beginning.  I have been taking care of my health better than before.  I eat right exercise and take my medicine every day. African American - Brooklyn, NY          ID: ST-NYZ-DE-0247
Name: Miriam I.        Birth Date: December 7, 1960 Title: Free HIV Diagnosis: 1984 I live my life my way.  If I forget where I come from, I haven't been there for the last time!  Not going back--I want to shine! Hispanic - Bronx            ID: ST-NYZ-MI-0246
Name: Beng Lee Kam          Birth Date: January 11, 1953 Title: Mama San         HIV Diagnosis: Unknown -Deceased: 1990 I am a mother of 3 children.  I am a sushi chef. My youngest son died of HIV/AIDS.  HIV is not a death sentence.  Now a days people live longer. There is no cure, but it is under control. Asian - Brooklyn, NY          ID: ST-NYZ-BE-0248
Name: M.         Birth Date: February 23, 1965 Title: Miracle                       HIV Diagnosis: 1998 My name is Miracle and I was infected through Rape! White-Indian -  Bronx                     ID: ST-NYZ-M/-0249
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Name: Mystic       Birth Date: April 5, 1964 Title: Mystic           HIV Diagnosis:  1991 Do not let love blind you, practice safer sex. Love yourself- mind, body, spirit. African American -Brooklyn, NY         ID: ST-NYZ-MY-0250
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