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Name: Deb Clark      Birth Date: June 4, 1948 Title: Sharday     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown I wish we had a better day, we are at war today and I hope not tomorrow. I have HIV, diabetes, plus cellulitis and abscesses – but the abscesses are clearing. Today I started going to therapy so that soon I will be able to walk out of here. It feels great to be getting better. I have been in here for 3 years. I am ready to start walking. I take on day at a time.  African American - New York, NY                     ID: ST-NYZ-DE-0208
Name: N. H.      Birth Date: December 25, 1966 Title: Nanny     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown I’ve been positive since 1998 and I’m still here to tell my story. I appreciate everything this agency has done for me. At first I was scared, thought my family would reject me – had no one to talk to. Yet they treat me no differently than before I told them I had the virus. I’m blessed with a supportive family. I am not afraid any longer because I am not alone in this… Thank you for listening. Hispanic - New York City          ID: ST-NYZ-NH-0204  
Name: F.E.A.          Birth Date: January 18, 1952 Title: Ola    HIV Diagnosis: Unknown HIV is a virus that says you must take your medicines every day – because if you don’t you will die. I feel that taking them every day can be a hassle but it is necessary. It keeps me looking and feeling my very best with the disease. I feel like the woman I am today.  African-American  New York, NY           ID: ST-NYZ-FE-0205  
Name: Velma Sumbeling          Birth Date: January 29, 1957 Title: Robin     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown At first it was hard for me to deal with my illness but in the past two years my health has improved and I am on my way to living my life independently. African American - New York, NY          ID: ST-NYZ-VE-0206
Name: J.P.G.             Birth Date: March 29, 1955 Title: "Sexy Momma"     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown My name is Sexy Momma. Because I walk the streets. And get money. I feel so bad. Because now I have HIV. I am going to be good from now on. I take my meds everyday. African-American - Westchester, NY          ID: ST-NYZ-JP-0207
Name: T.B.J.     Birth Date: April 15, 1967 Title: T-Bird     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown What the hell am I doing here? I am in a wheelchair and I want to get out!I want to walk. I used to walk. I don’t like the wheelchair because I feel very confined. What the hell am I doing here?? African American - New York City          ID: ST-NYZ-TB-0210
Name: L.P.  Birth Date: August 21, 1955 Title: Sonia     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown Being that I am living with the virus I feel very happy that I am healthy because they take great care of me here at the nursing home. At times I become angry being in this situation yet I must survive and with faith I face each day. I thank each and every staff member at the nursing home for their patience and attentiveness in taking care of me.  Hispanic - New York City           ID: ST-NYZ-LP-0209
Name: Unknown        Birth Date: September 3, 1960 Title: Tiffany     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown Because of the mental state of this artist she was unable to express her own feelings about living with HIV/AIDS.  She simply said “Hello.” African American - New York City          ID: ST-NYZ-UN-0211
Name: Deborah Birth Date: October 9, 1956 Title: "Untitled"                HIV Diagnosis: Unknown This virus is trapped in my body, it will not go away. The doctor says, "You are undetected." But I am still infected! So I am confused. And all balled up.  African American - Mt. Vernon, NY          ID: ST-NYZ-DE-0211
Name: Unknown Birth Date: Unknown Title: Cindy     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown I am a mom with a little girl named Miracle and we are living with AIDS/HIV. I sometimes want to give up on life but my baby gives me hope, strength and courage. I am strong and we will go on a long time. I learned that regardless of our problems, we Are human and we are somebody! Caucasian - New York City           ID: ST-NYZ-UN-0212
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