Name: Becky Lee Lewis          Birth Date: January 17, 1968 Title: Bernice                       HIV Diagnosis: 1993 If my doll could talk-she would say keep praying for a cure-and God bless all infected with HIV. African American -Ft Lauderdale, FL           ID: CL-FLZ-BE-0119
Name: CC       Birth Date: September 30 1957 Title: Betty            HIV Diagnosis: 1989 When you meet a person please use a condom. You and the person go and have test on HIV together. Talk about sex with the person. Find out what the person is all about. Lauderhill, FL           ID: CL-FLZ-CC-0120
Name: Keena Sanford                          Birth Date: September 2, 1963 Title: Yvette        HIV Diagnosis: 1988 I went into the hospital that is when I found out that I had HIV. But only God can help me by the grace of God. African American         ID: CL-UNZ-KE-0121
Name: RMC           Birth Date: August 18, 1960 Title: Sharon           HIV Diagnosis: 1984 My doll would say that she wished that she didn't have HIV, and don't have to take a lot of medication for her to stay alive. Ft Lauderdale, FL.          ID: CL-FLZ-RM-0122
Name: Sharon Eason                         Birth Date: August 21, 1970 Title: Shirley            HIV Diagnosis: 1999 I wished I would have listened. Ft Lauderdale, FL           ID: CL-FLZ-SH-0123
Name: Debbie                  Birth Date: December 23, 1954 Title: I Rise                       HIV Diagnosis: 1984 I give glory to my God Jehovah! The world I come from is a world of disease and addictions. I was told "once a addict always and addict." Then I became HIV positive I was told that I had the monster and I believed that. In that world I was told there was no hope or cure! That was the biggest lie told. I am beautiful and today "I Rise" I am not the monster and there is HOPE! African American - Ft Lauderdale, FL          ID: CL-FLZ-DE-0124
Name: Vera         Birth Date: January 30, 1953 Title: T.T.           HIV Diagnosis: 2009 I am T.T. I am blessed by God who let me be here today, life is what you make but ask God to help me to carry on for he loves me and for that I thank him. Ft Lauderdale, FL                     ID: CL-FLZ-VE-0125
Name: Geneva Aneus                      Birth Date:July 25, 1956 Title: Juniata            HIV Diagnosis: 1990 My doll would say today I'm not depressed, I'm having a nice time just being around other people. Ft Lauderdale, FL          ID: CL-FLZ-GE-0126
Name: MamaSo         Birth Date: March 13, 1965 Title: MamaSo                            HIV Diagnosis: 1996 She is in pain all the time! Ft Lauderdale, FL  ID: CL-FLZ-MA-0127
Name: Beverly R.            Birth Date: August 16, 1957 Title: Montana Lace                 HIV Diagnosis:Unknown I can soar. My God now that I have eyes I can see the paths my heavenly father is passing me through. When my legs hurt I thank him for walking me through the other side. I don't bite my nails any more from fear because I now can summon up faith in God to do for me what I can't do for myself, like. guiding my thoughts , decisions and action to be like his image. And my arms to love him like he always loves me especially when I was lost, broken --I can soar to live to give and rest assure this world is a sure gift to play in.  African American - Ft Lauderdale, FL         ID: CL-FLZ-BE-0128
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