Name: T.S.        Birth Date: November 5, 1967 Title: Michelle HIV Diagnosis: 1994 I am black and beautiful and undetectable. It's important to take your meds. African American- Bronx, NY          ID: ST-NYZ-TS-0266  
Name: C.R. Birth Date: March 20, 1972 Title: Nicole Patrica           HIV Diagnosis: 1990 I am a wonderful woman that loves everyone and loves to help others who I care about, but not too much care for me.  But I put it on God's hands.  And I look down on them.  Cuz I still love them and everyone else.  I want everyone in the world to take care of themselves and love those people. Cuz we are still the same show us love always.  The same way. I will love you.  Don't treat me different cuz I won't hurt you.  Just love you. Make sure you're safe if you do anything. Safe sex--don't want to hurt anyone. African American - Bronx, NY                    ID: ST-NYZ-CR-0267  
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