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Name: Ebony        Birth Date: February 10, 1965 Title: Being Alive Love me hold me talk to me. African American-  Bronx, NY          ID: VA-NYZ-EB-0001
Name: Bella       Birth Date: Unknown Title: Bella          Today I'm a better person because of my experiences because I found God, Love and Support.  Today I'm a better woman, with my own family, self-love, and 100% confident woman! Bronx, NY        ID: VA-NYZ-BE-0002
Name: Carol J.      Birth Date: July 4, 1973 Title: Carol Rita Johnson We have to all get along.  Life is not promised to us tomorrow. African American - Bronx, NY         ID: VA-NYZ-CA-0003
Name: Donna  Birth Date: March 27, 1980 Title: Dommie Doll is speechless! Caucasian -  Bronx, NY          ID: VA-NYZ-DO-0004
Name: Sarah     Birth Date: May 11, 1988 Title: Esperanza Don't lose yourself. Bronx, NY          ID: VA-NYZ-SA-0005
Name: Arleen C. Birth Date: August 17, 1961 Title: How do you like me Now? At one time life seemed hopeless.  Today  I look at life with different eyes.  Life is what I make it.  Today I am successful.  "Never give up!" Hispanic-New York          ID: VA-NYZ-AR-0006
Name: Natasha P.    Birth Date: April 13, 1984 Title: Mayra My doll says she loves the person she is today. Hispanic - Bronx, NY           ID: VA-NYZ-NA-0007  
Name: Kedsy        Birth Date: November 5, 1967 Title: Mi Lady God Bless everyone! Hispanic - Bronx, NY           ID: VA-NYZ-KE-0008
Name: Clara Birth Date: August 18, 1958 Title: Untitled Doll is speechless! Hispanic, Bronx, NY           ID: VA-NYZ-CL-0009
Name: Lakisha                      Birth Date: February 21, 1974 Title: Silverlea I love to shine outside as well as inside. And the blue is to give you an idea of how I love the color blue.  But I am happy and full  of life.  Love yourself and shine! Indian/Black, Bronx, NY                              ID: VA-KIZ-DE-0010
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