Name: Edna Negron Serrano    Birth Date: May 12, 1958 Title: Hope     HIV Diagnosis: December 1995 My name is Hope because without it we are lost. Also when one is sick if you let go of hope than little by little you lose your life, but hope gives purpose.  Hope only lives if you want it to LIVE! Latina, Bronx, NY                    ID: ST-NYZ-ED-0260
Name: Allison Titile: Allison      Birth Date: June 3, 1948 HIV Diagnosis: 1985 I looked for Love in all the wrong places from the wrong people…But instead HIV became an uninvited guest.  Wait on love and persevere, last but not least dream.  Until true love is revealed.  Keep hope Alive…      Bronx, NY           ID: ST-NYZ-AL-0256  
Name: Lakisha McGhee `        Birth Date: February 21, 1974 Title: Assia                      HIV Diagnosis: 1993 I want you to know even though I'm positive I love to look good and feel good.  I love to smile and stay happy so enjoy my radiant style. Your thought process changes your life. Indian/Black, Bronx, NY          ID: ST-NYZ-LA-0257  
Name: A.B.  Birth Date: August 4, 1970 Title: Dolly HIV Diagnosis: March 1991 I have been diagnosed since '91 and I want to be here to see my son graduate from high school. African American, Bronx, NY          ID: ST-NYZ-AB-0258
Name: Sameerah Bowman        Birth Date: 1980 Title: Ella             HIV Diagnosis: November 1, 1999 My name is Ella.  I am HIV positive and have 4 children born HIV negative.  Please protect yourself.  And if you are pregnant please protect your unborn child.  Stick to the doctors HIV regimen.  Please make your OB/GYN  aware of your status so they can help your baby be born healthy.  Eat healthy stay healthy with the right medical attention.  If you love your baby, please love your body and take care of yourself and your unborn child. African American, Bronx, NY          ID: ST-NYZ-SA-0259
Name: Ramona Godfrey    Birth Date: June 30, 1958 Title: Nema Linda            HIV Diagnosis: 1997 I am pure and delight that's why I am dressed in white.  My eyes are bright to see your heart with HIV all day and night.  When you look at me some times I look at you and other times I just want to bless you. New York City, NY         ID: ST-NYZ-RA-0262
Name: D.A.      Birth Date: December 14, 1957 Title: India            HIV Diagnosis: 2008 I am sorry.  Peace out. Bronx, NY          ID: ST-NYZ-DA-0261
Name: Elizabeth Woods      Birth Date: November 28, 1958 Title: Queen Josie             HIV Diagnosis:1991 Josie is The Queen of  the Sauder Family.  She walks with her mother with her head up.  She is at peace. Black, Bronx, NY          ID: ST-NYZ-EL-0263
Name: T.G.       Birth Date: 1946 Title: Sojourne           HIV Diagnosis: 1997 My name is Sojourne.  I'm a very nice person, who gives love to anyone who needs love. New York City, NY                     ID: ST-NYZ-TG-0264
Name: S.B. Birth Date: August 18, 1953 Title: Susan HIV Diagnosis: 1990 I've been living with HIV for 20 years and I pray that they find a cure for all real soon. I am a loving person and I try to help anyone that needs anything at any time. Bronx, NY          ID: ST-NYZ-TO-0265
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