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Name: Leslie S. Birth Date: 8/5/1987 Title: No Title     Diagnosis: Hemophilia A carrier Doll doesn't say anything! Residence: CA                     ID: CL-CAZ-LE-0004
Title: Jeanie Caril
Title: Jeanie Caril
Title: Jeanie Caril
Title: Jeanie Caril
Name: Rose B.          Birth Date: 5/15/1997 Title: Uhuru-means freedom in Swahili     Diagnosis: Hemophilia A Women can have bleeding disorders too. All people with bleeding disorders can do all the things people without bleeding disorders can do-and have just as much fun! Residence: NY                     ID: CL-NYZ-RO-0010
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Name: Emily W. Birth Date: 3/5/1996 Title: Sara   Girls are the same as guys-they can have the same disorders. We are all special in some way. Residence: CA         ID: CL-CAZ-EM-0002
Name: Marina         Birth Date: 9/20/1982 Title: Andromeda   Diagnosis: VWD I Don't let your bleeding disorder stop you from doing anything-because it doesn't stop me! Reach for the stars. Residence: CA        ID: CL-CAZ-MA-0003
Name: Mariela G.          Birth Date: 7/10/1994 Title: Alejandra        Don't worry about your problems. There's somebody out there that has the same problem. But be sure to infuse when it's necessary. Residence: CA         ID: CL-CAZ-MA-0001
Name: Thalia Z.         Birth Date: 10/18/1996 Title: Veronica                            Diagnosis: VWD I Take care of yourself. Treat yourself with Stimate when you need it. Residence: CA          ID: CL-CAZ-TH-0006
Name: Kaylia Birth Date: Unknown Title: Sasha Diagnosis: Unknown People should know that not just boys have hemophilia girls do too. Girls suffer from hemophilia every day. They are all trying to stay strong. Check with your doctors, see if you have hemophilia. Bring your whole family. You'll never know you might have hemophilia. Even if you don't eat, stay healthy and stay strong-drink lots of water.             ID: CL-UKZ-KA-0007  
Name: Allyson F.           Birth Date: 4/25/1985 Title: Wedding Doll    Diagnosis: VWD Type IIA Doll doesn't say anything! Residence: CA           ID: CL-CAZ-AL-0005  
Name: Toni Birth Date: Unknown Title: Sunshine Diagnosis: Unknown That even girls and other people should check in and that girls if they have bleeding disorder they should keep healthy. Residence: CA          ID: CL-CAZ-TO-0009
Name: Meghan Birth Date: Unknown Title: Ms. Doll        Diagnosis: VWD Don't let your bleeding disorder define you. Residence: KY          ID: CL-KYZ-ME-0008
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