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Name: Kaylee A.         Birth Date: 10/19/1999 Title: Angel Some girls have hemophilia-just like boys. Residence: CA           ID: CL-CAZ-KA-0014
Title: Jeanie Caril
Title: Jeanie Caril
Title: Jeanie Caril
Title: Jeanie Caril
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Name: Marlee A. `           Birth Date: 9/25/2000 Title: Alexandra       Birth Diagnosis: hemophilia IX carrier Other people think girls shouldn't have hemophilia-but girls do have bleeding disorders. In every country people have hemophilia. Residence: CA            ID: CL-CAZ-MA-0012
Name: Julia Birth Date: Unknown Title: Lilly Shepard     Diagnosis: carrier Hi my name is Lilly and I am a carrier. That means that there is a 50% chance that one of my sons will have hemophilia. But you know having a bleeding disorder isn't always a bad thing. You can go to fun camps where you get to see people with bleeding disorders just like you. Residence: CA           ID: CL-CAZ-JU-0013
Name: Jasmine D. Birth Date: 4/8/1998 Title: Sally Hi, my name is Sally-one thing about bleeding disorders is you have to be safe because if you have a bleeding disorder and you get hurt for a really long time then that would be bad. Residence: CA             ID: CL-CAZ-JA-0011
Name: Rachel M.           Birth Date. 2/20/1986 Title: Community Leader     Diagnosis: VWD I Other Family Members: mom She would say that she refuses to be a victim or sit around and complain about the way things are, so she stepped into a leadership position in her community and hasn't looked back since! Residence: NV           ID: CL-CAZ-RA-0016
Name: Mirella    Birth Date. 4/17/99 Title: Jessica   Bleeding Disorder: Carrier Residence: CA           ID: CL-CAZ-MI-0017  
Name: Stephanie McDowell          Birth Date: 6/14/1995 Title: Hope Don't give up! Don't feel like you’re different from everyone else. Because there's always hope. Residence: CA          ID: CL-CAZ-ST-0015  
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