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Name: Saverlyn     Birth Date: September 29, 1963 Title: Missy            HIV Diagnosis: 1990 This doll had nothing to say. African American -Ft Lauderdale, FL ID: ST-FLZ-SA-0065
Name: Dorothy      Birth Date: March 26, 1958 Title: Claire     HIV Diagnosis: 2000 Be tested it helps. Ft Lauderdale, FL     ID: ST-FLZ-DO-0066
Name: Ronnie Birth Date: August 11, 1957 Title: Ronnie            HIV Diagnosis: 1989 I am Ronnie I am HIVand believe it or not I thank God I am alive. All you have to do is go to your doctor and take your medication. Don't do drugs cuz your meds don't work and also pray. I do thank God I am alive cuz I've been through it. But I didn't give up. African American - Ft Lauderdale, FL          ID: ST-FLZ-RO-0067
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