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Name: S.                   Birth Date: 1997 Title: Angel                HIV Diagnosis: Unknown The challenges might be hard but they make life interesting. Detroit, MI             ID: ST-MIZ-S/-0121
Name: B.                   Birth Date: 1989 Title: Ms. B.                HIV Diagnosis: Unknown Doll has nothing to say. African American -Southfield, MI  ID: ST-MIZ-B/-0117
Name: A.                  Birth Date: 1998 Title: Doctor     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown Dr. helps people with HIV. African American -Detroit, MI  ID: ST-MIZ-A/-0118
Name: A.                   Birth Date: 1997 Title: Pretty Princess                HIV Diagnosis: Unknown That you should not treat people with HIV different than you treat people without HIV! African American -Detroit, MI  ID: ST-MIZ-A/-0119
Name: D.                                Birth Date: 1996 Title: D.     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown My doll would tell you that she has cancer and was born blind and can't see. She can hear people talk to her. African American -Detroit, MI  ID: ST-MIZ-D/-0120
Name: T.        Birth Date: 1996 Title: Madison     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown I love shopping!  ID: ST-MIZ-T/-0126
Name: A                   Birth Date: 1989 Title: June                HIV Diagnosis: Unknown Every Friday night I get all dressed up. I put on makeup, a fancy dress, a nice hat, and jewelry, and I just sit at home. I'm afraid to go out because I worry that people will know about me and laugh. I feel ashamed and depressed, so I just hide in my house looking elegant and refined. I'm all dressed up with no where to go. Caucasian -Detroit, MI           ID: ST-MIZ-A/-0123
Name: K.                   Birth Date: 1993 Title: K.                HIV Diagnosis: Unknown Hey people life is good live life like it's your last. African American - Detroit, MI ID: ST-MIZ-K/-0122
Name: J.                   Birth Date: 1996 Title: Princess                HIV Diagnosis: Unknown I love myself. African American - Detroit, MI  ID: ST-MIZ-J/-0124
Name: A.                   Birth Date: 1994 Title: Jada Makayla Phillips AKA Devonte    HIV Diagnosis: Unknown I wish I could heal the world. ID: ST-MIZ-A/-0125
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