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Name: D.                   Birth Date: 1995 Title: D.                HIV Diagnosis: Unknown Doll is speechless. Detroit, MI            ID: ST-MIZ-D/-0133
Name: D.                   Birth Date: 1997 Title: Stacy                HIV Diagnosis: Unknown Hi, Even though people have HIV you shouldn't treat them different. Detroit, MI            ID: ST-MIZ-D/-0127
Name: M.                   Birth Date: 1997 Title: Mia                HIV Diagnosis: Unknown Doll has nothing to say. Southfield, MI  ID: ST-MIZ-M/-0128
Name: D.                   Birth Date: 1996 Title: Lil Mama     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown That she is cute. African American -Detroit, MI             ID: ST-MIZ-D/-0129
Name: L.                   Birth Date: 1997 Title: Chrystal     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown Let's go to the mall. African American -Westland, MI  ID: ST-MIZ-L/-0130
Name: T.                   Birth Date: 1957 Title: Akilah                HIV Diagnosis: Unknown I have no where to go. Detroit, MI  ID: ST-MIZ-T/-0131
Name: A.                   Birth Date: 1997 Title: Wedding Girl                HIV Diagnosis: Unknown I'm married! ID: ST-MIZ-A/-0132
Name: A                   Birth Date: 1996 Title: Pink            HIV Diagnosis: 1996 There's always a way out so keep trying! African American -Detroit, MI                                 ID: ST-MIZ-A/-0135
Name: M.C.                   Birth Date: 1996 Title: Miranda                HIV Diagnosis: Unknown You must always protect yourself from everything and anything. Novi, MI           ID: ST-MIZ-MC-0134
Name: M          .        Birth Date: 1997 Title: M.O.                HIV Diagnosis: Unknown I give you people hope, courage, and be strong with HIV, take care (God Bless) Love ya African American -Southfield, MI  ID: ST-MIZ-M/-0136
Name: B                  Birth Date: 1988 Title: Reine           HIV Diagnosis: 1988 Hello, I'm Reine. I was born with HIV because my mother was a drug user. It has been hard living with HIV and my feelings get hurt when people say mean and ignorant things about people with HIV. I take my medications like I should and I hope to live a long and happy life. African American -Detroit, MI          ID: ST-MIZ-B/-0137
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