Name: D.M. D.O.B. 25-Dec-97 Title: Lil'Mama I hope you will be o.k.!!! De De or Lil' Mama           ID: ST-MIZ-
Name: D. D.O.B. 3-Sep-98 Title: Katie Have safe sex so you will have less a chance of getting HIV!    ID: ST-MIZ-
Name: N.P.        D.O.B. 10/7/97 Title: Ke-Ke The doll is speechless!                            ID: ST-MIZ-
Name: S.B. D.O.B. 21-Jul-95 Title: Khloe That I'm being a support for my little sister, but I need my own life and style.           ID: ST-MIZ-
Name: K.J.W. D.O.B. 13-Jul-93 Title: Kiaya J. You are not alone, there are people who can be there for you. You have a lot of support.                                                    ID: ST-MIZ-
Name: M.O. D.O.B. 21-Dec-97 Title: Mya Doll is speechless!         ID: ST-MIZ-D
Name: T.J. D.O.B. 17-Jul-72 Title: Michele I don't have HIV or AIDS but I would like to prevent AID's/HIV/ Safe sex and be safe.                                 ID: ST-MIZ-
Name: L.W. D.O.B. 23-Jun-94 Title: Lucy Louie You are not alone, just pray and you will get through it….Have Faith!           ID: ST-MIZ-
Name: T.H.    D.O.B. 5-Jan-96 Title: Paige Doll  doesn't say anything!           ID: ST-MIZ-
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Name: Ebony D.O.B. 19-Apr-90 Title: Princess  HIV Diagnosis: at birth HIV Diagnosis: at birth I would say please look at my beauty and see the pain that my dress covers up. I would like for the world to accept us/me for who I am.           ID: ST-MIZ-
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