Name: Unknown   Birth Date: Unknown Title: Faith My dolls name is Faith. She represents God's word in faith.  I have faith that I can conquer HIV.  My doll and I know faith can break all things that we go through in life.  I can disclose anything to my doll.  We can talk about all of my concerns  related to HIV, in life, now I can handle  it.  Thank God for Faith. ID: ST-MIZ-
Name: A.M.                            Birthdate: February 20, 1970 Title: Blue Moon                                                                                                                   HIV Diagnosis: Unknown A blue moom is only good for once in a lifetime thing. I suggest everyone gazing their kind eyes upon my doll; just be careful, live wisely so your blue moon is a strength building ability to over come anything. Don’t feel sorry for me. Everyone just remember – anything can happen, even to you. So please SHUSH ignorance and scream education. Time are changing and advancing in ways to keep us healthy so we can live out our lives. Causcasian ,Grand Rapids, Michigan. ID: ST-MIZ-
Name: Unknown   Birth Date: Unknown Title: None This doll was made by a 14 year old Caucasian girl who was perinatally infected by HIV.  When asked what her doll would say she replied, "Nothing."  Her mother's doll is also featured in this exhibit and is titled, "Blue Moon."         ID: ST-MIZ-ED-0101   
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Name: M.B.      Birth Date: October 7, 1978 Title: Kenzy         HIV Diagnosis: Unknown Mommy, how did I get positive? Be sure and use condoms! Medicine tastes NASTY. Detroit, MI ID: ST-MIZ-MB-0099
Name: Rosie Hayes                 Birth Date: September 17, 1964 Title: Queen Esther            HIV Diagnosis: 1996 I will not keep silent! I will go to the King and if I perish I perish for I have come to the kingdom for such a time as this! ID: ST-MIZ-RO-0100
Name: Leslie Birth Date: August 1, 1962 Title: Life I am life. I love, laugh and live to be happy and share happiness.          ID: ST-MIZ-ED-0101   
MICHIGAN Gallery Three
Name: Unknown Birth Date: Unknown Title:  Fire HIV Diagnosis:  2005 Fire represents the flames I've been through in the past eight years.  In the year 2000, I became homeless with six children.  At the end of the year my youngest was born.  I then began working at Meijer.  Then my ex-husband decided after all these years he wanted custody of my oldest 4 children.  This was very traumatic for me.  I still remained strong, I felt as if it was mandatory for the sake of my younger 2 children.  In 2001, I was living in a hotel with my 2 children, as well as my then boyfriend of 4 years soon after we broke apart.  In 2002, I found a new home for my family.  Things finally started going great.  I met someone new I hadn't been that happy for such a long-time.  In 2005, I received a devastating phone call from the nurse at the health department.  She requested to have a private meeting with me as soon as possible.  I soon found out that I was positive.  In the beginning, I had so many mixed feelings. Today I view life much differently.  I now see each day is a true blessing.  I was a single mom just getting back into the dating game.  The condom broke and let me inform you this is no joke.  Suddenly my life changed right before the blink of my eye.  So if you think because you don't live the wildlife, or a gay lover that this can't happen to you please think again.  Grand Rapids, MI ID: ST-MIZ-
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