Name: A.S.           Birth Date: Unknown Title: Untitled                HIV Diagnosis: Unknown "I don't want to talk." African American - Detroit, MI ID: ST-MIZ-AS-0096
Name: S.S.B.                Birth Date: Sept. 9, 1956 Title: Why Me?                HIV Diagnosis: Unknown For someone that has had three sex partners, why me? I have had two husbands and one one-time sex partner. I was never a street person, why me? I was always a housewife, why me? But I still will try to live as long as I can with Jesus' help. African American - Detroit, MI          ID: ST-MIZ-SS-0097
Name: Jennifer W.       Birth Date: June 6, 1967 Title: Hope     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown I believe that we need to be a more compassionate and understand world. We need to educate ourselves more about HIV/AIDS. Through education we would learn that all people with HIV/AIDS need our love and support. We still have 40,000 people in America becoming infected with HIV each year. That is 40,000 too many! This is now a preventable disease so we should only have a handful of new cases each year. It is a human tragedy that we need to end. Through all the pain and suffering that HIV/AIDS brings, I still believe that we all need to have a smile and believe that God will bring us the hope that we need. Rural, MI ID: ST-MIZ-JE-0098
Name: Alvina                       Birth Date: 2/20/52 Title: Untitled     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown African American -Detroit, MI           ID: ST-MIZ-AL-0095
Name: A.            Birth Date: Unknown Title: "Motherhood HIV"     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown  African American -Detroit, MI ID: ST-MIZ-AR-0089
Name: Linda Searcy                    Birth Date: September 20, 1965 Title: Phoenix      HIV Diagnosis: Unknown -Date of Death: January 21, 2007 Hello! My name is Phoenix. I am called Phoenix because I have been knocked down to nothing but ashes and rose again over my trials and adversities such as sexual abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse, and homelessness. But just when I thought I was soaring high like a bolt of lightning, I was hit with the news that I was HIV positive. I found that this was the hardest blow. Thinking that I would not rise this time. This attack came from the man I loved, my husband. But through the grace of my god, Jehovah, husband, daughter, and friendship of women who I met through the positive support group such as the one at Wellness, I have risen again. Stronger and Better than before. You can do it too! Love, Phoenix African American -Flint, Michigan ID: ST-MIZ-LI-0090
Name: Shantella Brown              Birth Date: June 18, 1969 Title: Reality               HIV Diagnosis: Unknown My name is REALITY. REALITY is that I am a survivor. REALITY is that I have 4 sons that were not born with this disease. REALITY is that HIV and AIDS are not curable. REALITY is you need to accept responsibility for safe sex. REALITY is that I have had HIV for 11 years with no meds. REALITY is that I am BLESSED and have FAITH. REALITY is that I am still alive to carry the message. REALITY is practice safe sex. African American -Flint, MI ID: ST-MIZ-SH-0091
Name: A.C. Birth Date: January 1, 1963 Title: Silver Star     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown "I don't want to talk about it!" "Last year our support group had 25 women. Now we only have 13 left." African American - Detroit, MI ID: ST-MIZ-AC-0092
Name: J.M.K.                     Birth Date: October 15, 1965 Title: Sincerely            HIV Diagnosis: 1985 Hello, I am a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mom. And I am HIV positive. I have been for at least 14 years now. In 1983 I met the man of my dreams, my first love. He told me he was a hemophiliac. I didn't know what that was nor did I care. I just knew that whenever he got hurt real bad we would go to the hospital where they gave him stuff called Factor VIII because his blood would not clot. We did not know that the stuff that was saving his life was going to take his life and mine - in time. We married in 1985 and had a son who is healthy. His father and I divorced but remained good friends. I met my current husband in 1987 and we married in 1992. Then in 1997 I found out that I was pregnant. We had used protection but it was not foolproof. I finally went to a doctor about my HIV status and my pregnancy. He checked my blood. My viral load was 30,000 and my T cell count was 642. I was lucky because I never had taken any medicines. I also never wanted to know my status in this disease. I was then put on AZT during my pregnancy. Ultimately I had my son and he was a healthy baby boy. I am now on the "great" cocktail. My viral load is non- detectable. My T cell count is up and down. I can't lead a normal life because of the side effects: headaches, diarrhea, and numbness in my feet. It's like living with the stomach flu every day of your life. Only my family knows I am HIV positive. I have seen how people treated my ex-husband and I can't take that. We lost him, my oldest son's father, earlier this year. He will always be in my heart. I can never tell my son that I am HIV positive. A 13 year old boy can only handle so much. Well, this is my story. Always remember to hug the ones you love. You never know when your last chance will be. Caucasian -Macomb County, MI ID: ST-MIZ-JM-0093
Name: Edna Pratt     Birth Date: September 11, 1958 Title: Susan HIV Diagnosis: 2002 I learned more about HIV and AIDS and being more careful by creating this doll. African American -Flint, MI ID: ST-MIZ-ED-0094
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