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Name: B.V.            Birth Date: Unknown Title: Cynthia                       HIV Diagnosis: 2000 No importante que esta positiva porque  puede tener nino negativo.  Para meyor salud no fuma, no bebe alcool.  Toma tu medicamentos, y hace gercios todo los dias. Tiene comer cosas sin grasas para cuidar a su salud. TRANSLATION: It's important that this child may have positive as negative. For health reasons do not smoke, or drink alcoholic. Take your medications, and be gracious for every day, Of eating fat-free things to take care of your health. Hispanic- Bronx   ID: ST-NYZ-BV-0226
Name: L.R.               Birth Date January 8, 1957 Title: African Queen-Hope            HIV Diagnosis: 2002 Hope whatever you do don't give up hope. Because always remember there is hope in things you do.  Whatever you put your mind to do you can do it.  Just don't give up.  You can make it happen, just do what you have to do to make it happen, don't give up hope! African American - Harlem NY         ID: ST-NYZ-LR-0222  
Name: Earlanna             Birth Date: October 9, 1962 Title: Barbara    HIV Diagnosis: Unknown We are all one people.  So why can't we all just get along? God is love and love is God. So let's start loving one another. African American-Bronx          ID: ST-NYZ-EA-0223  
Name: S.S.          Birth Date February 18,1975 Title: Beauty            HIV Diagnosis: 2008 No matter what you go through in life you are beautiful!  You are as beautiful as you feel!  Laugh, Live, Love Life! African American- Bronx           ID: ST-NYZ-SS-0224
Name: N.N.W.        Birth Date: May 5, 1975 Title: Cindy HIV Diagnosis: 1999 Hello my name is Cindy and I am wearing orange top with yellow.  I just want to say to everybody to be very happy and be very careful with your life.  You only have one life to live so be careful with it.  Give you life to God. African American - Bronx         ID: ST-NYZ-NN-0225
Name: Lydia C.         Birth Date 1948 Title: Divine    HIV Diagnosis: Unknown Even though I'm deaf in both ears, I can see, I can speak.  My eyes help me see better and understand better the world. Spanish/English - New York City           ID: ST-NYZ-LY-0228
Name: M.C.        Birth Date: September 3, 1958 Title: Damavis                        HIV Diagnosis: 2001 My doll is happy. Latina - Bronx          ID: ST-NYZ-MC-0227
Name: P.       Birth Date: 1957 Title: Esmerlda     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown Keep moving with a positive attitude. New York City            ID: ST-NYZ-P/-0229
Name: H.D.          Birth Date:  Unknown Title: Fatumata HIV Diagnosis: 2003 I thank God because I'm not sick and I haven't had to take any medication in the last 5 years. African American - Bronx                     ID: ST-NYZ-HD-0230
Name: Gladys R.        Birth Date:   January 16, 1959 Title: Alta Gracia           HIV Diagnosis: 1996 People can avoid getting the virus by testing yourself. Don't have sex unless you know your partner's HIV status. Don't let things bring you down.  Enjoy life the best you can. Puerta Rican -Manhattan          ID: ST-NYZ-GL-0231
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