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Name: D.J.       Birth Date: December 12, 1968 Title: Ms. Peace & Happiness            HIV Diagnosis: 1992 I want to spread peace and happiness to the less fortunate and the suffering.  Having HIV you can still live.  You don't have to die anymore. I don't live with HIV, HIV lives with me. African American- Bronx          ID: ST-NYZ-DJ-0236
Name: M.M.      Birth Date: November 24, 1970 Title: Esperanza-Hope            HIV Diagnosis: 2002 Don't be alone because we have a lot of people who love us.  Dominican Republic - Bronx         ID: ST-NYZ-MM-0233
Name: Ruschell T. Birth Date: Unknown Title: Love  HIV Diagnosis: 1995 Love me don't let HIV keep you away from a Great Love. Bronx                    ID: ST-NYZ-RU-0235
Name: M.M.  Birth Date: Unknown Title: Mugdalia     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown Don't be afraid to say that abuse does occur to individuals with HIV. Bronx         ID: ST-NYZ-MM-0237
Name: M. Alexander Birth Date:Unknown Title: Peace and Love HIV Diagnosis: 2007 The veil keeps me protected and from seeing the harsh realities of life and it keeps the harsh realities from seeing me. African American -Brooklyn         ID: ST-NYZ-MA-0238
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Name: Jewelene M.      Birth Date: May 22, 1962 Title: Salvation HIV Diagnosis: 1989 Are you on you way to Hell with Heroine on your mind?  Do you know where your going when you die?  God sent his son to die so we could be saved.  Death is only physical not spiritual. Caucasian-Bronx            ID: ST-NYZ-JE-0239  
Name: Saphire Birth Date: Unknown Title: Hemerauld Saphire     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown May everything you touch be filled with love and keep your head up.  Bronx                     ID: ST-NYZ-SA-0240  
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Name:     E.J.                        Birth Date: November 12, 1962 Title: Harlem Girl HIV Diagnosis: 1995 To all the women out there.  Stand firm to  pursue your life dreams.  No matter what you go through you will always survive. African American - Bronx           ID: ST-NYZ-EJ-0232  
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