Name Unknown         Age: 40 Title: Ribbons           HIV Diagnosis: 1987 My doll holds a red ribbon – the symbol for AIDS Awareness. When I see a red ribbon it reminds me I’m not alone. It reminds me that my friends affected and infected share in the fight against HIV – share in the survival of HIV and our hared experiences are the ties that bind us.                   ID: ST-TXZ-UN-0287
Name Unknown          Age: 35 Title: Tootie Fruitie HIV Diagnosis: 2000 “Precious” is what I realize “I am.” There is nothing more fulfilling than inner peace. Form my spiritual health I have learned to love myself first. This virus teaches me to be patient, giving, honest and respectful to other people and myself. My mission in life now is to live long and joyous. If I must live this way “I will live it positively.”         ID: ST-TXZ-UN-0288
Name Unknown          Age: 40 Title Zoe-Life   HIV Diagnosis: February 1, 1987 My doll wears glasses because HIV has affected my eyes. It has allowed me to see how precious time spent with those you love really is. My doll wears a cross because HIV has affected my faith. It is my faith that has given me strength. My doll wears her heart on for everyone to see because HIV has affected my heart. It holds all the love and memories of the friends I have lost to HIV and those still living with it…walking beside me in this journey.        ID: ST-TXZ-UN-0289
Name: Lady       Birth Date November 28, 1960 Name: Lady HIV Diagnosis: 1987 In the 23 years since I became infected, life has not stopped. I have watched my beautiful daughter grow-up, graduate college, become a mother and I am a grandmother. I never thought I would see my 50th birthday. But each new day is a blessing!! Texas                      ID: ST-TXZ-UN-0290
TEXAS Gallery Three
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