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Name: Unknown                 Birth Date: 1958        HIV Diagnosis: Unknown I wish I could just take this garden tool and take out all of this disease from my body. I am so tired of taking medicine and doing various laboratory tests. However, by God's grace he has kept me alive for 13 years with this disease. I know He and angels are watching over me.  African American - Houston, TX         ID: ST-TXZ-UN-0278
Name: Beverly        Birth Date: 1950 Title: Unknown     HIV Diagnosis: Unknown I am cleaning up my life, taking charge, calling my kids and going back to school so that I can have my kids back with me. Flying like a butterfly on the winds of live with God's help. African American - Houston, TX               ID: ST-TXZ-BE-0279
Name: Patricia Clarence   Birth year: August 8, 1947 Title: Why Me?    HIV Diagnosis: Unknown When I learned of the HIV disease, I was sad, unhappy, and kept asking "why me?" But I have learned that Life does go on. With the support of my family and my faith in God, I am able to go through life now with Hope of someday saying, "I am not sick."  African American - Houston, TX          ID: ST-TXZ-PA-0280
Name: Unknown          Age: 40 Title: All American Dred     HIV Diagnosis: December 1991 My doll refuses to lose herself to the affects of HIV disease. She is an individual in her own right and won’t be stopped by anyone. HIV disease has impacted so many lives in the U.S. and abroad…We have to empower ourselves and find our own strength to beat it.            ID: ST-TXZ-UN-0281
Name: Unknown          Age: 58 Title: Good Gracious HIV Diagnosis: 1993 Good Gracious is the name my grandparents, Floyd and Ella, gave me as a child. It is only God’s good grace. Diagnosed in 1993, I am positive getting tested early on has allowed me to develop into a living doll.         ID: ST-TXZ-UN-0282
Name: Unknown          Age: 44 Title: Blue HIV      HIV Diagnosis: August 4, 2009 HIV has made me a strong woman – made me more aware of how many Latinas are really infected – how many people are walking around infected. But one simple blood test can save you – like it did for me. Thank God. For that simple HIV test will save your life.         ID: ST-TXZ-UN-0283
Name Unknown           Age: 35 Title: Candy   HIV Diagnosis: June 2009 When I was diagnosed with HIV I didn’t think it affected me.           ID: ST-TXZ-UN-0284
Name Unknown          Age: 37 Title Carpe Diem Diva     HIV Diagnosis: December 1995 If my doll could talk about me and my experience she would use many different adjectives to describe my journey through this disease. First and foremost, I thank HIV for teaching me strength and resilience. I have learned along the way that you have to be true to yourself and never let a moment go by that you have not seized. A am an achiever, a nurturer, a mother, a sister, a daughter, and educator and a scholar. I am alive and celebrate the fact that God has blessed me with my children. This was the signal that let me know that HIV was a “life” sentence not a “death” sentence. Make the most of your life and let your legacy be something you can be proud of. I have a sign in my classroom that says “Time, the one thing you cannot recycle.” I use this to motivate me and remind myself that I must seize the day, “Carpe Diem,” for it will come no more. Make the most out of life, for it is truly a gift.           ID: ST-TXZ-UN-0285
Name Unknown          Age: 36 Title: Ever the Lady HIV Diagnosis: 1992 Always remember you’re still a lady. You have to put yourself first, learn to nurture your spirit, find peace and strength, and most of all, LOVE YOU!!!           ID: ST-TXZ-UN-0286
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