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Name: Barlen Matias          Birth Date: 4/15/1989 Title: Alexandria     Bleeding Disorder: VWD Type 1 Date of Diagnosis: 12 years old Share your happiness with others and brighten up somebodies life. I have a big heart because I care for others and wish to help and my flower represents my passion for giving. The sun on my shirt helps me remember to be grateful for what I have. From time you too should take time to look for the sun on your shirt. Residence: FL           ID: CL-FLZ-BA-0084
Name: Denise Manchester      Date of Birth: 9/13/1962 Title: Namaste Namaste means: The peace, love and goodness in my heart honors the peace, love and goodness in your heart. She is a Yogini-a student of yoga. The most blessed thing we can do in yogai is to serve. She teaches people about bleeding disorders, but by teaching, the teacher becomes the student. This girl has learned a lot about herself by serving others. She has a decorated belly because the things she learne and the friends she made in the bleeding disorders community helped her have the courage to face major surgery for an abdominal mass and to come out stronger and more alive than ever before. Namaste- she has no face because she does not have a bleeding disorder. Residence: PA          ID: CL-PAZ-DE-0078
Name: Laureen Temple      Date of Birth: 4/15/1961 Title: Dorothy Dorothy hopes that her daughters and granddaughters won't have to endure all of the unexplained, and life threatening bleeding. Residence: PA           ID: CL-PAZ-TE-0081
Name: Jenee Hill      Date of Birth: 12/1/1990 Title: Luna    Diagnosis: VWD 1 Luna would say that she's grateful to have such good friends who take care of her. She's glad that she's well and loved … inside and out! Residence: IN          ID: CL-INZ-JE-0079
Name: Patricia Tucker  Birth Date: 1/6/1970 Title: Factorbabe         Bleeding Disorders: Factor 7 Severe Date of Diagnosis: In 1970 She is as unique as I am in many ways. She is also a very strong woman. She tries to empower others to help themselves. Residence: CO                                ID: CL-COZ-PA-0085
Name: Bridgette Sterling    Date of Birth: 12/24/1988 Title: Chyanne She thinks that people with bleeding disorders are awesome Residence: PA           ID: CL-PAZ-BR-0082  
Name: Deani Lace      Date of Birth: 7/14/1960 Title: Sunshine For years and years there were always dark clouds, but the sun will shine and answers will prevail. Instead of carrying dark clouds on my shoulder I can carry the sun. Residence: PA        ID: CL-PAZ-DE-0076
Name: Lori Carey      Date of Birth: 8/21/1966 Title: So many questions, not enough answers        Diagnosis: Blood clots Help! Can't get my levels regulated, please help me and find another med that doesn't need levels tested weekly. Residence: PA         ID: CL-PAZ-LO-0077  
Name: Nora Latcovich      Date of Birth: 8/17/1958 Title: Maureen       Bleeding Disorder Community. It is such a privilege to know and be a part of the Residence: PA         ID: CL-PAZ-NO-0080
Name: Emily Bartko Birth Date: 9/9/2005 Title: Emily Nell           Bleeding Disorder: Factor 1 Date of Diagnosis: at birth My name is Emily. I am 3 years old and have severe Factor I deficiency. Every other week I visit my doctor for a "poke" and get my factor replacement. One day there will be a cure, but until then I will get my magic medicine in order to feel well, go to school and play with my big sister. Residence: NV         ID: CL-NVZ-EM-0083  
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